Northern Michigan Homeland Security Expert Gives Analysis on Latest Mass Shootings

The investigation into mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas over the weekend continued Monday.

“I think they both clearly fit in the realm of domestic terrorism, you have people that were seemingly taking violent action to try to influence other people, to intimidate other people,” said Dr. Steven Bucci.

Dr. Steven Bucci is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense. He is an expert on homeland security.

He says mass shooting investigators have two different situations on their hands.

“When you have an individual in custody, as you do in the situation in El Paso, it’s potentially easier because they can interrogate the person they can talk to him, get more information, hopefully define what the real motives were,” Bucci said. “There seems to be less information about the shooter in Dayton, he’s obviously deceased so we can’t talk to him about what his motivations were.”

Bucci says they will be searching the shooters phones and laptops, and looking into their social media activity.

“They’re going to see if there’s any connection to any group, was he operating completely alone just motivated by political discourse or just social media in general or was he connected to one of the groups that are organized across the United States,” Bucci said.

He also believes the rise of hate speech has contributed to more mass shootings.

“I think so, believe me I’m a free speech advocate, I’d rather see free speech, but we’re at a point now where if it’s provoking people to do things we need to look at how, while still protecting the first amendment, see how we can convince people to dial it down,” Bucci said.

Bucci also looks to those in power to watch their words.

“Politicians and political candidates have a responsibility to speak responsively, they get air time, they need to use that pulpit to speak positive things to fix this problem not stir it up because it scores points,” Bucci said.