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Healthy Living: Break-Ins

There are 2.5 million burglaries every year and 66% of them are home break-ins.

Whitney Amann has some tips on how to avoid being an easy target, in another Healthy Living.

Visible cameras are a great way to deter a crook, but make sure you are recording and saving the footage so it can be viewed if a break-in does occur.

Officer Kirkpatrick also says to take photos of your valuables and email them to yourself, so you can identify them if stolen.

Also, time your lights to come on inside the house.

Light switch timer, heavy duty digital 7 day timer and Westek daily segment timer power strip are a few ways you can take control of that.

And leave your dog at home or use a barking dog alarm, 34% of burglars say they would not go in the house with a dog there.