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Cherry Republic Lemonade Stand Teaching Kids Priceless Life Skills

“Lemonade is fresh and on a hot day if it’s really cold it’s really refreshing.”

The lemonade stand is a kid’s rite of passage in the summertime. Gwyn, Elle and Janna found the perfect spot at Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor. At just nine and ten years-old these young ladies are learning how to be entrepreneurs and being this cute certainly isn’t hurting business. Elle says, “It gets you a lot more customers!”

This group is learning how to work as a team and give back. “The overall total of money that they make at the end of it-half of it goes to the Heritage trail for a bench and the other half they split up between all of them,” says Sarah Muether with Cherry Republic.

Their initial drive to do the lemonade stand was pretty simple. Janna explains, “I like lemonade and I like screaming!”

It quickly became more than that after seeing a need in the community and acting on it and their favorite part is counting the money! In just one hour they were able to land a number of sales!  “We earned almost 40 dollars,” says Elle.

They have learned that giving back is just as sweet as their cherry lemonade!

“It’s cool… it feels good!”

If you or children you know would be interested in signing up for an hour-long shift on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday with Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor,

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