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Traverse City Film Festival Claymation Animation Workshop

Colorful clay and a little bit of imagination is sparking kid’s interest in film during the They are taking part in a Claymation workshop with Associate Professor of Animation at Central Michigan University, Steve Leeper. “We’re focusing on little clay monsters that they’ve sculpted and we’ve cast them yesterday. Today they took the monsters out of the mold and are creating stories for them,” says Leeper.

Students are learning how to take their ideas and bring them to life on the big screen. Audrey who is just 10 years-old says, “It’s fun to make your own things and kind of bring them to life – like show other people your story about your creations.”

These students are learning over the two days that animation takes a whole lot of patience and an eye for detail. “You have to like make frames and you take a picture and we use 8 frames and you take 8 pictures and that’s only like 1 second,” says Audrey.

These kid’s Animation Shorts will be on the big screen Saturday, August 3rd at 9:30 am at the Central Grade School in Traverse City.

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