Mini Coopers to Take Over Mackinac Bridge Saturday

Updated: The Mini on the Mack fell short of the Guinness Record this year. With 1,311 Minis registered to cross the bridge, they didn’t beat the record, which was set in 2009 in London – with a total of 1,450 Mini Coopers on parade.

You might have seen a few more Mini Coopers than usual on your ride home Friday.

Saturday is the annual Mini on the Mack that brings hundreds of Mini Coopers and their drivers from across the country are in St. Ignace.

The Mini Coopers will start their parade in St. Ignace and then head across the Mackinac Bridge.

Organizers are hoping to beat the record for the largest parade of Mini Coopers. The record is in England, and right now this is the largest gathering of Mini Coopers in the United States.

“Every type, style, color option of mini and you’re gonna see a ton of mini-acts that have decorated their cars and are just enthusiastic about the car and excited to be here,” said George Sharpe Jr. with Mini on the Mack.

Portions of the money from the event go towards the Van Andel Institute for Parkinson’s research.