Court Documents Reveal New Text Messages in Case Against Rep. Larry Inman

We have an update on the indictment of state Representative Larry Inman.

New text messages have come to light in the case against the Grand Traverse County lawmaker.

We got our hands on newly released court documents in the case.

They show messages Inman allegedly sent to a labor union representative in exchange for voting a certain way in the state House.

This is what he allegedly texted a union representative for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: “If I take the vote no to send it to the ballot, I am going to need alot help and a ton of campaign money, Larry.”

The rep responded saying, “What is the number and I will see what I can do.”

Court documents show Inman responded by texting “It will have to come from all the trade union associations. They told me $30,000. I got $5,000. 🙂 Larry.”

A federal grand jury indicted Inman for lying to the FBI and attempted bribery and extortion back in May.

He’s accused of trying to sell his vote.