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The Four

Ironman Traverse City Charity Challenge: Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan

The countdown begins for the Ironman Traverse City! The competition is taking place August 25th and is bringing the Northern Michigan community together to celebrate community and health! The Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan is one of five organizations we will introduce you to on “the four” as part of the Charity Challenge that Traverse City Tourism is hosting.

The Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan has a simple mission. “We pick up food from groceries stores and farmers markets that would otherwise be thrown out like fresh fruits and vegetables. Poultry eggs and that same day we deliver it to five county area pantries,” says Executive Director, Dan Buron.

Dan Buron is not only the Executive Director but is also taking part in the triathlon himself — representing and raising funds for the Food Rescue. Buron says, “It was an impulsive situation and it was a unique opportunity. I want to do it for a great cause and what a better opportunity to do something fun like the Ironman!”

Buron admits training hasn’t been easy but he is up for the challenge,”I wasn’t in great shape when I started this but the hard thing was where I need to be by August 25th. It’s a huge steep learning curve. It’s a physically and mentally challenging opportunity.”

If you are interested in donating,

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