Former Clare County Public School Teacher Suing District for Discrimination

A former Clare County Public School teacher is suing the school district.

She says they discriminated against her because of her sexual orientation.

Julie Mayra started as a teacher at Clare Public Schools in August 2012.

She is a lesbian, something she says she’s always been open about with staff.

She says that was never a problem until the 2016 – 2017 school year.

Mayra was laid off in April 2017 and now she’s suing the district for discrimination.

According to the court documents, Mayra says things started to change when the district hired James Walter as superintendent and Georgette Kelley as a new principal.

Mayra describes Kelley as heavily involved in the Pentecostal church and has publicly displayed her dislike of homosexuals.

Former district administrators promoted Mayra in 2016.

The following school year, after Kelley took over as principal, Mayra says she was disciplined for the first time in her years working in the district.

Court documents say Kelley gave her an individual development plan, but never followed up with feedback for Mayra..

From there, Mayra filed an official complaint with the school board.

In January 2017, she filed a complaint through the equal employment opportunity commission.

Mayra says she made a request for family and medical leave because of the anxiety and panic she experienced at work because of the discriminatory behavior, but was denied.

On April 21, 2017, Mayra was told she was being laid off for budgetary reasons.

However, she says she was the only teacher let go, and the school posted a job opening similar to the one she had afterwards.

She applied for open positions she was qualified for, including her former job, but was not hired.

In June 2017, Mayra received an “ineffective” rating as her final evaluation, which can be detrimental on her record.

On Oct. 26 2017, she filed a second charge of discrimination for retaliation and sex discrimination, with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Now she is suing for emotional distress damages and future pay loss.

I reached out to both attorneys but have not heard back.