CMU Students Showcase Short Films at TCFF

Central Michigan University Students are not strangers to the Traverse City Film Festival; and once again, these young filmmakers created short films to be showcased this week.

“Peak leaves” by Andy Smilnak, “Spare Change” by Cheyenna Hole, “Divine Purposes” by Enrique Fonseca and “Silent Night” by Alan Shi will all be featured at the Old Town Playhouse on Friday.

Shi says Silent Nightis a short film about the harsh realities of sexual assault in the lives of college students.

“I hope it shows a little more insight on how prevalent drinking culture and party culture is in college and how it’s so easily facilitates sexual assault,” he says.

Shi said his friends’ personal experiences inspired the film.

“It really had a deep effect on me, so one night I was in a state of mind that I just wrote this story that was a combination that I heard from friends.”

Their professor, Eric Limarenko, said that he tries to teach his students the real-life process of creating a film. It’s not easy, he said, but the work gives students a feeling of ownership over their work.

“We go from the seed of an idea, to a script, to breaking down the script, to story boards,” Limarenko says. “All the way through post production and then into distribution.”

By the time the film festival comes around, Limarenko says he feels nothing but pride for his students.

“In the sense that the students get to see their work at a national festival, in front of a big audience, at a nice theater, so that in itself is a great moment.”

Other student films featured at the film festival include:

  • “Reggie” by Devin Durocher from Michigan State University
  • “Ground Beneath our Feet” by Evan Kutz from Michigan State University
  • “June” by Andy Hones from Michigan State University
  • “Bags to Butterflies” by Kendall Westfield from Michigan State University
  • “From the Top” by Jake Tasch from Michigan State University
  • “The Stigma” by Fatima Alsaif from Michigan State University
  • “Dead Ends” by R. Ryan Carlson from Michigan State University
  • Skin by Sarah Costello from the University of Michigan
  • “Weiner Police” by Sofia Lynch from the University of Michigan
  • “Box” by Anna D from Interlochen
  • “Dreams that Transcend All Boundaries” by Mida Chu from Interlochen
  • “Hero Club Excerpt” by Jeff Kasanoff and Keaton Manning from Interlochen
  • “Why, God?” By Nathan Ginter from Interlochen
  • “Monochrome” by Trinity Hearns from Interlochen
  • “Number Duet” by Mida Chu from Interlochen
  • “One O Clock” by Eve Robitshek from Interlochen
  • “Flash Point” by Colin Campbell from Interlochen
  • “Stalker” by Ted Kakasenko from Interlochen
  • “How to Make an Oragami Paper Crane” by Phumkorn Srikeawsai from Interlochen
  • “Border Woods” by Miles Dupuid Carey from Interlochen
  • “Grab Him by the …?” by Lane McKenna from Interlochen
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