Voters in Vanderbilt to Decide if Recreational Marijuana Businesses Can Open in Village

“Proposal 1 gives you the power to overturn your local municipalities. That was our driving force is that we’ve already been to the polls once.”

On Tuesday, voters in Vanderbilt will decide if recreational marijuana businesses can operate in their village.

It’s been a big issue for the village over the past year, but should be settled next week.

After Michigan voters passed Proposal 1, the Vanderbilt Village Board took steps to opt out of allowing marijuana businesses.

That’s when Vanderbilt residents signed a petition to put the issue on the August ballot.

If passed, the proposal will allow 22 recreational marijuana businesses in the village.

A village trustee says the proposal has received a lot of support.

“There is overwhelming support locally. At those meetings that they held that there was public comment, it was a vast majority that was in support of it. The 22 licenses isn’t going to equate to 22 businesses popping up overnight. It’d be the same number of gas stations and bars and local grocery stores,” said Ryan Cottrell, Coalition for Safer Vanderbilt, and village trustee.

If passed, the village clerk would have 60 days to have an application process ready for potential marijuana businesses.