Sexual Assault Accusation Against Air Force Gen. John Hyten

President Trump’s pick to take over as the second highest ranking military official is now accused of sexually assaulting a former aid.

Air Force General John Hyten has been nominated to become vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

But Tuesday in a closed session before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Army Colonel Kathryn Spletstoser testified she was sexually assaulted by Hyten.

Hyten denied the accusations saying they were “false” and that “nothing happened.”

Spletstoser says the hearing was one big political spectacle and that she was once again made a victim.

The chairman of the committee says he has the votes to send Hyten’s name to the full Senate for confirmation.

He says any senator who does not approve of the way his hearing was handled can put a hold on the nomination.

So far no evidence has been found that an assault took place.