Second Half of Democratic Candidates Taking the Stage in Detroit

Day two in Detroit.

Ten more candidates are set to the take the stage for the second night of the Democratic debate.

Once again, all eyes are on Michigan, a state that defined the 2016 election.

Twenty Democratic candidates are vying for the party’s nomination to go up against President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Wednesday night 10 more will try to sway voters in Michigan and beyond.

Wednesday night’s pool of candidates had the chance to see how Tuesday night’s debate went as they developed their strategy.

Tuesday night, the lower polling and more moderate candidates seemed to gang up on the more progressive candidates.

But much like Tuesday night, when the clash between the candidates picks up, they will continue to focus on beating the president in 2020.

The Michigan centric topics we expected Tuesday night did not come up, so we will see if Wednesday’s debate hits on some of the topics that hit home in Northern Michigan.

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