Moderate and Progressive Democrats Took the Stage for Round One of the Democratic Debates

Last night’s first round of the Democratic Debate featured more moderate candidates on the crowded stage.

The lesser-known candidates were not afraid to take on well-known ones, like senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

They were attacked for their progressive positions.

The generational divide between the candidates was also put on display for voters.

“I don’t care how old you are. I care about your vision but I do think it matters that we have a new generation of leaders stepping up around the world,” said Presidential Candidate, Pete Buttigieg.

“We are more worried about winning an argument than winning an election,” explained Presidential Candidate, Amy Klobuchar.

“I wonder why you’re Democrats. You think there’s something wrong about using the instruments of government to help people,” said Presidential Candidate, Marianne Williamson.

This may be the last time some of these candidates are on the National debate stage.

September’s debate has higher polling and fundraising thresholds that only seven candidates have reached so far.