Grand Traverse Deputies Host Neighborhood Party

A northern Michigan Sheriff’s Office is taking community policing right into local neighborhoods.

The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office took to the streets Wednesday, to introduce themselves to neighbors.  Captain Chris Clark says, “All too often law enforcement has a negative connotation. So this is a positive program.”

Deputies and other officers visited an apartment complex in Long Lake Township, along with the Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department. The goal, they say, is to build relationships, which can result in lower crime rates, higher cooperation during investigations, and a reduced number of calls to a particular area.

The sheriff’s department says it’s fun for their officers and for the residents and families they get to meet. Capt. Clark says, “We came out here to meet with the residents. We provided them a meal, show them our canine, our drone, and just kind of build a relationship with the residents out here at Brookside commons.”

This isn’t the first time the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office has held an event like this. And they say it’s so well received by neighbors that it won’t be the last.