Community Continues to Support Manistee County Sheriff’s Office After Loss of K-9 Beno

“It sends a shiver down your spine to know that the community cares that much about this animal as we did,” said Sheriff John O’Hagan with Manistee County.

The Manistee County Sheriff says his community has gone above and beyond after the loss of their K-9 Beno.

Beno was just two years old when he was hit by a car last Tuesday, breaking the hearts of his handler and the whole sheriff’s office.

The sheriff says he’s beyond thankful for what the community has done for them this past week.

This plaque was donated to them to put on display at the sheriff’s office.

Beno’s handler even got one of this own.

The sheriff says they’ve received many calls, flowers and cards from the community as they’ve gone through this difficult time.

“Sometimes thank you just seems like words, it’s like not enough. As I was reading through some of the responses on social media, really went overboard. There were so many good, positive comments,” said O’Hagan.

The sheriff says they will continue their K-9 unit and are now looking into resources to get another dog.