Basements Filled With Sewage Water in Manistee

Basements filled with sewage water in Manistee from heavy rains.

An issue with the storm and sewer drains left a mess over the weekend.

The City of Manistee says they’ve been working to figure out how to stop it from happening.

“We had surface flooding all throughout the city and a lot our storm system and the sanitary sewers were overwhelmed,” said Jeff Mikula, the Public Works Director for Manistee.

The city of Manistee saw close to eight inches of rain over the past few weeks, which led the Department of Public Works to turn to their emergency plan.

“We flow triple what are the normal daily flows through our treatment plant and try to pass as much water through the system to prevent back-ups,” said Mikula.

However backups still happened for some homeowners nearby.

“All sewer systems are designed for certain events and this event far exceeded that. The water that got into the system most likely comes from footing drains in sump pumps that contributes water,” said Mikula.

One man says he just finished cleaning out the mess this left behind and so are his neighbors.

“A lot of cleaning out, yes now I’m downstairs painting some of the walls, drying some of the walls out because of the mold and everything,” said Thel Kuja, affected by the sewage backup. “All backed up into the basement when we had all the flood water which it accumulated about two feet of sewage in the basement,” said Kuja.

Now he wants answers.

“The city needs to come up with some kind of a solution or give us an answer on why this is happening,” said Kuja.

The city says they’ve been working on figuring out why this is happening for years.

“We’ve logged all phone calls for flooding. We’ve had crews go and inspect and document and take pictures,” said Mikula. “We’re also inviting those who have been affected to a kind of an informal meeting next week at city hall where we can pass out a lot of this information,” said Mikula.