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Senior Dogs Visiting Senior Homes with Silver Muzzle Cottage

A program is allowing senior dogs to lift the spirits of senior citizens in northern Michigan. The Silver Muzzle Cottage based in Rapid City in Kalkaska County, is a rescue and hospice for senior dogs across Michigan.  Their founder and president, Kim Skarritt started a program within the organization in 2015 called, ‘Seniors for Seniors’ where she brings her senior rescue dogs to meet with residents of senior living facilities.

Skarritt says it’s companionship at both ends and a way to enable the dogs to truly have a meaningful purpose during their senior years.

“We’ve had some of our seniors in the past work with folks who are transitioning and ready to cross over and it brings a tremendous amount of comfort. Dogs serve their purpose and we are just truly, We are truly blessed that we can share them with the folks who are open and receptive to welcoming our visits. It’s a beneficial beautiful thing,” says Skarritt.

Right now ‘Seniors for Seniors’ is focused on senior living facilities in Grand Traverse County.  However, the program through the Silver Muzzle Cottage is also looking for volunteers, so they can additional senior living facilities in northern Michigan. Skarritt says it’s a small time commitment and you can pick the week or month you’d like to volunteer.

For more information about volunteering, the Silver Muzzle Cottage and ‘Seniors for Seniors’ .