Police Search for Possible Second Suspect in California Mass Shooting

The search continues this morning for a second suspect involved in the deadly California food festival shooting.

Police believe 19-year-old Santino Legan was the only gunman and are unsure of the role of the second suspect.

Sunday’s shooting at the California Garlic Festival in Gilroy left three people dead and 19 injured—eleven of which had gunshot wounds.

There are still five victims being treated in the hospital, one in critical condition.

Police have served two search warrants in connection with the shooting.

One for Legan’s car and the other for a home with ties to him.

The Gilroy police chief says they have received reports Legan was helped in the shooting.

But right now he says they have no leads on the second suspect.

Legan was killed by police on site about a minute after he opened fire.

Police also say they are still looking for a motive, but say he mentioned a white supremacist book in an Instagram picture posted right before the shooting.