Petoskey Schools to Bring in More Fresh Produce Thanks to $50K Grant

Petoskey Public Schools will bring more local produce into the classroom, thanks to a nearly $50,000 grant from the USDA.

The grant is a farm to school planning grant, one of four awarded in the state of Michigan.

Petoskey Public Schools received the grant in partnership with the Health Department of Northwest Michigan and the Groundwork Center.

The grant will help schools explore options for bringing in local produce.

“This particular grant is a planning grant so what we intend to do is take what we already have going at the Petoskey Schools and build on that further. Although we may not see a lot of change immediately this is going to lay a lot of the groundwork that we need to move forward,” says nutritionist and community coordinator, Lynee Demoor.

Petoskey Public Schools plans to expand local food initiatives within the district, and bring local produce into their culinary arts program.