Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City Rescues Group From Lake Superior Shoreline

A crew from Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City rescued this group of people and a dog stranded on the shores of Lake Superior Tuesday.

The call came in about 8:00 a.m. about a group of people stuck on the shore after their boat ran aground.

They were on the shore between Ashland, Wisconsin and the very western tip of the U.P.

The Coast Guard says the group could not hike out of the area and they couldn’t hoist them directly up either.

That meant they had to lower their rescue swimmer into the water who helped get them to the basket about 30 to 40 yards off shore.

“We don’t get many cases with more than a couple people, so hoisting 6 people is certainly rare up here and we were happy when we were the ones on duty when that call came in. Certainly don’t wish for anyone to be in trouble but you want to be the one,” said Lt. Erik Oredson.

The group is cold and tired but okay.