Bruce’s Legacy Helps Search for Missing Man from Frankfort Plane Crash

“The most rewarding thing that I’ve ever done in my life is to be able to tell a family member that we found them,” said Keith Cormican, founder of Bruce’s Legacy.

The family of man whose plane went down in Lake Michigan are still waiting for their much needed closure.

Back in May, we told you about the plane that had engine troubles, tried landing at the Frankfort airport, but never made it.

That plane ended up in Lake Michigan with two men on board.

Search crews discovered one of the men, Emmauel Manos, but Randy Dippold has yet to be found.

Now, Bruce’s Legacy, a non-profit group that offers help in searches like this one, is hitting the water with hopes of bringing closure to Randy’s family.

“We recovered 30, we’re at 30 right now,” said Cormican.

Thirty bodies, recovered from waters around the world.

“When we come in, we’re kind of another last resort for them,” said Cormican.

Cormican founded Bruce’s Legacy back in 2013.

It’s a non-profit with a goal to bring closure to the families of people who have drowned.

“When we are successful, it’s definitely by far the most rewarding thing that I can say I’ve ever done,” said Cormican.

All in honor of Cormican ‘s late brother Bruce who died trying to save someone drowning.

Tuesday Cormican  and his boat captain went out on Lake Michigan hoping to find Randy Dippold’s body.

“I feel pretty confident in this one,” said Cormican.

They’re searching in the deepest water they have yet, over 500 feet.

“We’ve got 800 feet of cable on our ROV, got 1,000 feet on our sonar so I feel pretty confident that we could find him with the ROV first time out,” said Cormican.

They start with a plan.

“In this case here we’re going to put the ROV down first because we know where the plane’s at,” explained Cormican. “We’ll search the plane first, do a good throughout search inside the plane, right around the plane and then with sonar, that’s on our ROV, we’ll be able to search away from the plane.”

But Mother Nature said otherwise with big waves making it difficult to keep the boat positioned properly.

“We gave it a shot to come out here and see, we are on the location,” said Cormican.

While Tuesday’s search was cut short, they learned one thing.

They found the plane and know where to come back Wednesday.

“Right now the forecast is looking really good for tomorrow so hopefully that hold true,” said Cormican.

To donate to Bruce’s Legacy for necessary equipment and the means to continue to search for people’s loved ones, you can click here.