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The Four

One Traveling Artist Returns Home with a Gift to the Soo

There’s a saying that you can’t go home again, but that’s definitely not always the case.

Michelle Benson taught art for several years at Sault Area High School, then moved to Arizona to continue her career.

Last month, Benson made her way back to the Soo to visit friends and family, but also to work on this massive mural project on the side of the Merch Pub.

It started as scribbling a picture on a napkin in Arizona and turned into a stunning piece of art, ‘The Legend Lives On’, a tribute to the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Benson said, “We really wanted to capture the dramatic waves of a Lake Superior storm and what brought her down in November of 1975. And so, the ship image is actually a ghost image of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  So it’s obscured on purpose.  And then the waves are what the drawing-in factor…and the dramatic factor.”

She also had a great helper on the mural, Sally Jubar.

Jubar said, “outside of her being fabulous at what she does, I mean it was an honor. You know, it really was.  That is pretty much what all I can say because she’s just great.  She is a great friend and she is a terrific, terrific artist, too!”

Benson says she may retire in a couple of years then move back to the Soo to enjoy some winter fun.