Michigan Launches Campaign to Increase Local Recycling Efforts

The state is making a major push to increase local recycling efforts.

They launched the ‘Know It Before You Throw It’ campaign in Northern Michigan.

The hope is to increase recycling rates across the state, but targeting recycling up north first.

A pair of local grants was also announced to help make recycling more effective.

When you recycle something, chances are it will come to the American Waste facility in Traverse City, but it all comes into a big pile and has to get sorted.

American Waste and Emmett County’s Department of Public Works are getting grants totaling $1.3 million to improve recycling programs.

The state also will start running ‘Know It Before You Throw It’ campaign ads in Northern Michigan.

The goal of those is to encourage people to recycle, but also make sure people know what can get recycled and how to clean out containers before recycling them.

“It just makes our overall operation better. We’ll have less down time, we’ll have more productivity, we’ll have more output so we’ll be able to produce more pounds per day,” said Andi Shepherd, Emmet County DPW director.

The overall goal of what the state is trying to do here is boost the states recycling rate up from 15%, one of the lowest in the country.