Rendezvous in the Soo Brings Historic Battles to Northern Michigan


The reenactment of a battle from history took place Saturday in Northern Michigan.

It is all a part of the annual Rendezvous in the Soo, on the grounds of City Hall in Sault Ste. Marie.

Not only were there mock battles between the British and the French, but there were also vendors and booths which explained what life was like a couple of hundred years ago.

People could learn about blacksmithing, spinning yarn or even listen to music from generations past.

One family from Houghton Lake made the trip for the 3rd straight year.

Chris Dukaj said “these are lost arts and you really don’t want to keep them lost. You want to bring them out to the future and let children learn and learn to pass it down from generation to generation like these great folks here are doing. I think it’s fantastic.”

The program continues on Sunday starting at 10 a.m.