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Traverse City Summer Camp Teaches Students Cyber Security

Middle and high school students in Traverse City have been diving into the cyber realm. It’s part of the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program that’s across the globe; but these students aren’t learning to hack systems, they’re learning to protect them.

Olin Kasperowicz, a middle school student at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Middle School, said “It’s important because if a hacker gets into a big business they can compromise all the files and then everybody’s information is out.”

CyberPatriot held the 5-day-camp at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, hoping to inspire students to consider the cyber workforce.

Jared Black, 17, said “Hopefully it would land me a good job, or maybe just keep my own files safe.”

A job that’s becoming increasingly vital in today’s society and save you or your business from theft. “Almost all businesses are going with computers and nothings really on paper anymore,” said Black.

Kasperowicz said he’s excited to take what he learned throughout the week and hopes to use it in the future: I think it would be cool maybe to set up a CyberPatriot team or join one here and then compete in competitions that would be really fun.”