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The 32nd Annual Northern Michigan Antique-Flywheelers, Engine and Craft Show

The 32nd Annual Northern Michigan Antique Flywheelers show is giving people from across the state the chance to reconnect with history. This show is bringing in antique tractors, steam engines, demonstrations and food — something for the whole family to enjoy in Boyne Falls through Sunday, July 28th.

President of the Antique Flywheelers club, Bob Devol says, “A flywheel is a piece of metal that has some weight to it- it can have spokes or a gear in it but the purpose is to keep the momentum of the machine running. “

But it’s not just the tractors and antique machines bringing people out to the festival, it’s the demonstrations and crafts taking place too! Kelly Shivler, spends her days in the craft barn showing people how to spin yarn with her daughters, grand-kids and best friend. “For me it’s like a family reunion. I look forward to it every year,” says Kelly.

Taking us back even further than the development of simple machines is blacksmithing. Grizz Townsley in the Blacksmith shop explains the simplicity of his job, “We take steel and we recycle stuff.” Using 3,000 degree temps to create his beautiful creations– even his own selfie stick!

If you are looking to attend this year’s event or would like more information,