Grand Traverse County Republican Chair Announces Candidacy for 104th District Rep. In State House

The Grand Traverse County Republican Party chair is vying for the 104th district seat in the state House of Representatives. 

GOP Chair John Roth says he wants to run in the November 2020 election, or sooner, if incumbent Larry Inman is removed from office. 

Representative Inman is accused of a scheme to trade his votes for campaign money. 

Inman was indicted on federal bribery and extortion charges in May and removed from legislative bodies but still holds the 104th district seat. 

Inman’s lawyer says he will not resign, and some local groups are putting pressure on him to step down. 

Last week, the Grand Traverse County Democrats began a campaign inviting voters to mail Inman letters urging his resignation. 

Earlier this month, the State Board of Canvassers received a petition to recall Inman. Pending approval from the board, the petition will need to circulate and acquire 12,201 signatures for a recall vote to be called in the district, which is Grand Traverse County. 

Roth says he’s been eyeing the representative job for some time, even before accusations were made against Representative Inman.

But if Inman is removed, he’d go for the job immediately. 

“I would probably go for that seat. More than likely. That wasn’t my intention, my intention was to wait until 2020,” said Roth. “I wanted that time to campaign and get my name out, but if it happens earlier, I’m ready to go.” 

Roth says as a representative he would want to push for more funding for trade schools, and educational equity among other things.