Emmet County Commissioners Vote to Continue EMGO Service

The Emmet County commissioners have to make some tough decisions to even out their 2020 budget.

The public transit system EMGO was on the line at their meeting Thursday night.

Commissioners voted 4-3 in favor of figuring out a way to keep the system going for another year.

The system is using dollars from the general fund, which is being stretched thin with other county updates, including upgrades to the airport in Pellston.

But one commissioner says EMGO is an essential tool for the community’s disabled and those without transportation.

“I received an email from a business owner in Bay Harbor, he owns a restaurant, and he said to me, ‘my staff get to work on EMGO. If EMGO is shut down, my staff can’t come to work and I will be out of business.'” said commissioner Charlie MacInnis.  “Here [the commissioners] are trying to balance a budget and serve a critical need.”

Emmet county has an EMS millage on the November ballot. If that passes that will help free up more money for EMGO.