Crews Call Off Search for Missing Man Due to Unsafe Conditions On Lake Michigan

Just a little more than an hour ago, search crews called off the search for 38 year old Brian Herrmann.

Conditions on the water just aren’t safe for anyone right now.

The Mason County Sheriff worked with the DNR to close off where the Big Sable River lets out into Lake Michigan. 

They’ve also posted several signs warning swimmers of the dangerous currents.

“Certainly we want people to enjoy their visit here and their stay here. They need to listen to the officers,” said Mason County Sheriff, Kim Cole.

With two drownings, and an active search underway, it’s been a tough week for Mason County emergency crews and the community they serve.

“It’s been very tough on the community. It’s been hard on our resources. That’s why the cooperation with the surrounding counties has been really important to us,” said Sheriff Cole.

Both Manistee and Oceana counties supplied extra boats and crews for the search.

“Our initial response is to try to save lives. When that time has passed, it becomes imperative that we do our best to get the missing individuals back to their families,” explained Sheriff Cole.

Not an easy thing to do in the powerful waters of Lake Michigan.

“That’s challenging because of the currents and the water depth and the size of the lake,” said Sheriff Cole.

The tragic week has the DNR taking action on this urgent issue.

some fencing and are also adding some more signage down there to make it visually apparent to people that they really should not enter the water,” said Cadillac DNR District Supervisor for Parks and Rec, Kasey Mahoney.

Still, not everyone wants to take those warnings seriously.

We caught swimmers ignoring the fencing.

“Even if you’re familiar with the water, even if you’ve been here a hundred times, with the high water on Lake Michigan, even if you’re used to paddling these waters, they have changed drastically,” said Mahoney.

Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole says the search for Brian Herrmann will continue until the weather says otherwise.

A reminder again for anyone visiting, stay out of the water.