Grand Traverse Democrats Push for Resignation of Rep. Inman

More than two months since he was removed from his caucus and all committees, another campaign is urging the resignation of Representative Larry Inman.

A grand jury indicted Inman for lying to the FBI and attempted bribery and extortion in May regarding campaign donations from a carpenters union.

Inman still holds his title but has since been stripped of all duties and his Lansing office is closed, leaving Grand Traverse County without representation at the capitol.

Postcards are going to be spread out around the Grand Traverse County district.

It’s the newest push by the Grand Traverse Democrats to get Representative Larry Inman to resign.

The cards will be sent to Representative Inman himself or publicly displayed to voice their opinion.

Their biggest issue is now the lack of representation in Lansing.

With Inman off the job for the past two and a half months, nobody is voting for the people in Grand Traverse County.

The Democrats want a swift resignation so the replacement proceedings can begin as soon as possible.

“Voters will do their diligence as far as what the background and positions are of the new candidates, and I think they will do their diligence even more so than maybe ever before,” said Chris Cracchiolo, Grand Traverse Democrats party chair.

Inman’s attorney Chris Cooke has been adamant there are no plans for the representative to resign and urges people to let the court proceedings play out.

Inman is expected back in federal court in early August.