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Flip Tips: Bathtubs

We are diving back into bathroom design with interior designer Shane Inman of and Michelle Dunaway at Ferguson in Traverse City to talk all about some classic and modern bathtub options.

Picking the right bathtub for you home should be determined by your style and your budget and has all the options to help you pick the perfect one.

Shane says that free-standing bathtubs are a more cost-effective option and fit into a more modern style while a framed tub will cost you more money, but can be a safer option for the aging population.

Bathtubs and showers used to be made of a more expensive material known as cast-iron which was hard to repair and a hassle to install, but now they are moving into a newer option, acrylic. Acrylic tubs are lighter and easier to repair as well.

For more on bathtubs, watch the video above.

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