Crews Still Searching for Missing Swimmer at Ludington State Park

Crews in Mason County have been out on lake Michigan all evening searching for another missing swimmer in Ludington.

Two people have died in the same area just this week.

On Thursday at 3:15, a 38 year old man, his children and wife were all swept out by a strong river current to Lake Michigan at the Suable River outlet in the Ludington State Park.

The children were rescued by a nearby tourist who Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole has hailed as a hero.

Their mother made it back to shore as well, but the father of two was swept away with the current.

More than 13 departments, including the Coast Guard, are on scene to assist in the search.

“We’re planning on being here as late as the weather allows us tonight,” said Sheriff Cole. “Darkness doesn’t matter, it’s the weather we’re concerned about. [Friday] we’re being told the waves are going to kick up and that’s problematic for us so we need to get as much done as we can tonight.”

For the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, the night is nightmarish deja vu. This week, crews recovered the body of 18-year-old Daniel McCarthy, who drowned in Lake Michigan in Ludington. And last week, 14-year-old Albrianna Huck was recovered from a Ludington Park.

Crews are utilizing helicopters, divers, boats, and underwater vehicles to find the father of two. They can continue searching even in darkness, as long as the waves are calm.

The river currents that swept him out are especially dangerous because of high water levels. Recent rain has exacerbated the problem and currents are strong especially by lake outlets.

The Mason County Sheriff in conjunction with the Michigan DNR has worked to close off the Suable River outlet at Lake Michigan in the Ludington State Park until it is safe for swimmers to be there.