Wexford County Unveils Tribute to Fallen Korean War Servicemen

Take a look at this brand new tribute to fallen Korean War servicemen unveiled Wednesday in Wexford County.

The new display at the Wexford County Courthouse recognizes the service and sacrifice of six men from Wexford County who died during the Korean War.

These are the names and faces of the six servicemen from Wexford County killed during the Korean War that now sit proudly on display inside the Wexford County Courthouse:

Second Lieutenant Dale Ball

Pvt. Charles Bigger

Cpl. Jack Barrons

Pfc. Joseph Bak

Pfc. Earl Dow

Pfc. Douglas Laurent

Richard Laurent is Doug’s brother.

“Big, strapping guy, full of life, full of great heart, give you the shirt of his back, you know, that kind of a kid,” said Richard.

Richard says Doug joined the Army after he saw the growing need for people to serve. Richard says his brother only saw a few months of combat before he was killed.

“Prior to getting that news, we got a letter from him and they had a big push in the peninsula from Busan to toward the 30th parallel I think, and at the time he said they were moving so fast I hardly had time to eat and he said at that time I’ll see you at Christmas time. It took a long time to get him back and we had the burial in October of that year,” recalled Richard.

The Korean War is often called the forgotten war. But now, the service and sacrifice of these six men will not be forgotten, including Doug’s.

“I would like them to remember him as a great guy that have his all. Gave everything that he could. In fact I’m one of the letters they were talking about the fact that they might before he was killed he was carrying the wounded down from the mountainside. He helped others at his own demise really. He was an unselfish person and willing to do what he could for his country and for his fellow Americans,” said Richard.