Traffic Gate on Bascule Bridge in Charlevoix Damaged After Crash

A crash in Charlevoix damaged one of the traffic gates on the Bascule Bridge.

Now MDOT is asking people who walk the bridge to use caution.

Charlevoix police say a woman was turning onto U.S. 31 near the bridge in Charlevoix when the door to her truck came open and she fell out.

The truck continued on without a driver and crashed into the traffic gate on the south end of the bridge.

The gate prevents pedestrians and cars from crossing while the bridge is up.

MDOT says they replaced the broken gate with the one from the north side, but now there is no barrier stopping pedestrians when the bridge is up.

“If you are traveling on that sidewalk where the incident occurred, we’d encourage people to use extra caution, to listen for any indication that the bridge is going to be opening, to watch for vehicles stopping, to watch for those gates closing in the other corners and to make sure they aren’t coming onto the bridge once it starts to move,” says Bill Wahl from MDOT.

The gate could take as long as six weeks to replace.

Police say the woman driving the truck is OK.