Crawford County Sgt. Helps Deliver Baby on M-72

For mothers, the day you give birth is one you’ll never forget.

Especially when it’s in your car on the side of the road.

An Oscoda County couple was on their way to Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital when their car broke down on M-72, just 13 miles away.

“Her water was breaking at the time,” said Sgt. Ryan Finstrom. “We were 13 miles out and so it took us some time to get there even at high rated speeds with lights and sirens.”

Sgt. Finstrom took a call he wasn’t expecting on Sunday.

“We’re cruising down the road at 120 mile an hour because there could be a life at risk,” said Finstrom.

A mother in labor in an Oldsmobile on the side of M-72 in Grayling.

“We come pulling up, you come over the hill. I remember seeing the car sitting here and you know trying to figure out the next move,” said Finstrom. “The door was already open. The father was in there and she was having the baby right in the passenger seat of the car.”

That’s when Finstrom stepped in to help bring this baby boy into the world.

“This is my first hands on baby delivery,” said Finstrom.

“The biggest thing is making sure the baby is breathing, alert. You know when they’re crying it’s a good sign,” said Finstrom.

In dashcam video, you can hear Finstrom ask the parents if they picked out a name.

They said, “Jackson.”

The Sgt. says until the ambulance arrived, they had to work with what they had.

“We ended up using the father’s shoelaces to tie the umbilical cord off and then we let the father cut the umbilical cord,” said Finstrom.

Overwhelming, emotional, and exciting, all things you’d expect on the day you bring a child into this world. Even when it’s in the most unexpected way.

“Once the dad knew mom was ok and the baby was ok you could see he was physically and emotionally drained with that and it finally dawned on him that he was delivering his own child in a vehicle,” said Finstrom.

“Afterwards it’s like that sigh of relief that we all kind of did this as a unit,” said Finstrom.

Baby Jackson and his mother are both doing well.