Star Line Ferry Crew Shares Story of Saving Girl Drifting in Straits of Mackinac

Swift action by a Star Line ferry crew saved a little girl drifting away in the Straits of Mackinac.

The girl is OK and back with her family a day later, thanks to that Star Line crew.

“We do a lot of trainings and things, but to actually pull out a person out of the water, I have not done that and I’ve been here over 30 years,” says Capt. Michael North.

Monday Captain Michael North and Captain Joe Hough heard a girl had drifted away from a beach into the Straits of Mackinac.

“It was an adrenaline dump honestly, it was very hectic but because of the training that we do I’ve fallen back on everything that we’re taught to do everything that we’re trained to do and how to go through everything,” says Capt. Joe Hough.

They train specifically for moments like this, but never done it.

“When we got out there, there was somebody trying to swim out to help and the problem was he kept swimming and I gave him orders speaker in the front of the boat to please stop swimming we have the situation under control,” North said.

Another concerned man on a jet ski picked up the swimmer while the star line crew focused on the girl.

While Captain North was up top guiding the boat the rest of the crew used a ladder and brought it over the edge of the boat here so one crew member could climb down and make sure the little girl overboard could climb back up safely

“She was shaken up the deck hand did a great job, brought her up to the pilot house to kind of get her mind off what has happened,” North said.

That’s when little Patton came to assist.

“She saw the dog immediately and I think she had kind of forgotten what happened. I even asked her if she wanted to drive the boat for a minute and she said ‘no, I just wanna play with the dog,’” North said.

As far as this crew being called heroes

“I don’t think that, I think that we’re doing our job, we’re trained for things like that and it was just good we were ready,” North said.

And they were even able to keep the ferries on time.