MTM On The Road: The 136th Clare County Fair in Harrison

One of the oldest fairs in Michigan returns this week!

The 136th Clare County Fair in Harrison is underway until July 27.

Fairs are a tradition for many families, and the Clare County Fair is an opportunity to showcase Clare County’s agricultural history.

And it’s also a chance to showcase talents like quilting. Regan and Stephanie will be taking a look inside the quilt barn.

Trained talented tigers can be found at the fair as well for the Brunon Blaszak’s Royal Bengal Tigers Show. The performances are free and fast-paced with thrills, danger, and excitement.

The danger doesn’t stop there, Nerveless Nocks Globe of Death will be performing featuring motorcycle riders racing in an 18-foot-tall steel ball cage.

Wake up with Regan Blissett and Stephanie Adkins as they preview the exciting events happening at the fair this week!

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