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Life Works: Employment Skills and Day Program for Traverse City Teens

A Traverse City Organization called Life Works is giving kids real world experience. Monday through Friday from 8-4 these young men are getting a taste of reality. This program is open to young men ages 12-15.

Connor Primeau, a 13 year-old enrolled in the program says, “This program is something that teaches kids how to use their skills to get ready for adulthood and get ready for a job and they’ll have previous skills so they’ll be ready for it.”

Every day on the clock is different. From cutting wood, learning how to tie ties and learning how to pour cement today with Team Elmer’s.

“In today’s society not a lot of these young men are able to have those experiences and understand what they can do so they can develop the courage and self-esteem to be able to do these things,” says Jim Prince, a crew leader.

These participants appreciate the value of what they’re doing – knowing it will pay off in the long run. “I’ve learned that I have more capabilities than I thought I have and I realize that I do like to work,” says Connor Primeau.

The best part? The parents are seeing results. “They’ll say, my son is a lot different now and only after about 3 weeks. He’s being responsible, he’s not talking back to me,” says Crew Leader Jim Prince.

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