Houghton Lake Family Still Searching for Answers in Disappearance of Kyle Mosher

A family in Houghton Lake is still searching for answers in the disappearance of Kyle Mosher, who went missing six years ago.

The 27-year-old was last seen on 7 mile and Moorestown road near the Kalkaska and Missauke County border on July 19, 2013.

On that day, he took his girlfriend’s mother’s truck to take an acquaintance to Cadillac. He headed out and was never heard from again.

His family says he ended up driving through the woods with the acquaintance and pit bull, Holly. When the truck got stuck on a tree stump, the three of them got out and started walking.

Three days later, his acquaintance made it out of the woods but there was no sign of Kyle or his dog Holly.

Kyle was listed as an endangered missing person on July 22, 2013.

A woman near the area where the truck was found says she believes she saw Kyle walking barefoot near a two track in the area. At the time, she told law enforcement she thought she may have been the last person to see Kyle alive.

Kyle’s family says they believe that even six years later, someone in the community knows something that could help explain what happened to him.

“I’m quite confident that there are people right here in our community that know what’s going on and what has taken place,” said Jack Mosher, Kyle’s grandfather. “We just need someone to step forward and tell us what they know.”

Kyle left behind children, including his son who is now 12 years old.

His son often, when he spends the night, before he goes to sleep at night, often says ‘I wonder where my dad is,'” said Sandy Mosher, Kyle’s grandmother.

Lieutenant House from the Michigan State Police called the case “bizarre” and although his team has followed many leads, they have all been dead ends.

The case is still open.

Kyle is 5’10” and 165 pounds. He has green eyes, short brown hair and tattoos. One of the tattoos says Layla across his neck, a skull on his forearm, and the name Calli up his side.

Anyone with information about Kyle’s disappearance should call the Michigan State Police at the Cadillac Post,  231-779-6040 or at the Houghton Lake Post, 989-422-5101 .