Clare County Homeowner Upset Over Property Line Overlap

“I’m upset. I mean I love the property and like I said I didn’t move up here to steal people’s property,” said Tammy Martin, a homeowner upset over surveying issues in Clare County.

A Clare County homeowner, upset after finding out what she thought was her property, also belongs to her neighbor.

Tammy Martin bought her Greenwood Township home in September. 

After putting up a fence and having property disputes with her neighbor, she realized something was off, by 28 feet.

“Now I have to share my pond and I was supposed to have a private pond,” said Martin.

Martin thought she purchased a 330 foot by 264 foot piece of property when she bought her home last fall.

Shortly after, things got messy.

“All because I put a fence up and I opened up a can of worms,” said Martin.

“That’s when the neighbors came over and said we were on his property so I went to the county and got our map and our map shows that our property lines are overlapped by 28 feet,” said Martin.

Martin says part of the reason she bought the land was because she loved her pond.

Technically, her neighbor owns a small portion of it and according to the Clare County Equalization Office and both Martin and her neighbor are paying for the land that overlaps.

“I want my property surveyed and I want them to show me where my property lines are and I don’t want to have to share my pond,” said Martin.

Survey maps from the county show where Martin believed her property was and it shows the changes that were made when it was surveyed again.

Now the county says the homeowners will need to take the issue to a judge if they can’t work it out themselves.

“I didn’t come up here to you know take over anybody’s property. I just want what I paid for,” said Martin.