Old, Sick and Unwanted Farm Animals Find New Home with Last Dance Rescue Ranch

For many of us it can be hard to leave work, at work. But for one Northern Michigan Doctor she is more than willing to care for some unusual patients off the clock. Dr. April North is the President and Founder of Last Dance Rescue Ranch, a non-profit that is giving old, sick and unwanted domesticated animals a place to call home. She has her hands full with approximately 90 animals.

Every animal that comes to this sanctuary has quirks or special needs — like pirate the one-eyed turkey.”Everyone that comes here I want them to have a really good quality of life in a home environment,” says Dr. April North.

The animals that come in come from many different backgrounds. People that can no longer care for them, people who have neglected them or those animals that just don’t belong on a farm anymore. Dr. April North says, “If you choose to take an animal you have to realize it’s for a lifetime. All the rabbits I’ve gotten is because they’re cute and adorable when they’re little and two months later they realize they’re a lot of work and they can live for 8-10 years.”

Dr. North takes on countless end-of-life responsibilities — the expensive medical bills and the hardest part, saying goodbye. “You could have an animal for 24 hours, a month or 6 years and you try to give them a very dignified ending and it’s still hard every time.”

After a long, busy day April unwinds with a glass of wine in hand knowing she’s doing good by her unique and ever-growing herd.

“Just because they’re old or aging doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a dignified ending or quality of life,” says Dr. North.

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