McLaren & Grand Valley Partner to Promote Nursing in Rural Areas

Two Northern Michigan nurses will soon be headed back to school with all expenses paid.

A federal grant is allowing  Grand Valley State University and McLaren Healthcare to partner up. The partnership will allow them to promote advanced nursing in rural areas.

A total of 10 nurses from McLaren locations across the state will receive the grant to attend Grand Valley and receive a Doctor of Nursing Practice, becoming nurse practitioners.

Their studies must specialize in either senior or child care and they must agree to continue to work in rural areas of Michigan after graduation.

“It’s important for healthcare to embrace nurse who practice at the highest level of their license,” said Toni Mortiarty-Smith, director of Professional Nurse Practice at McLaren Northern Michigan. “The grant pays for their tuition, their books their housing their travel expenses.”

McLaren Northern Michigan has a total of 15 interested, the chosen nurses will be decided sometime next month.