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Mason County May Have Seen Record Rainfall Saturday

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Before the storm hit Michigan this weekend, the state record for rainfall in a single day was 9.78 inches of rain in Bloomingdale in 1914. There are some claims more than 13 inches came down in Eastern Mason County which would shatter that state record.

“It was just rain, rain, rain, rain,” says Marvin VerHoeven of Millerton.

The damage wasn’t extensive in Mason County from the storm. A few washed out culverts, some water still flowing over roads but that’s all understandable when you saw how much rain they got in the area.

Marv and his wife Karen like to watch the weather at their secluded home but what his rain gauge read Saturday was unbelievable.

“I got 13.53 inches,” says Marv.

He says the rain started at about 5:30 AM and didn’t stop until the evening.

Marv remembers once getting more than 3 inches of rain at one time. While the rain kept them inside, they just watched the totals rise.

“I kept checking it because at times it was raining so hard you could just watch that tenths of an inch just keep going and going,” says Marv.

Now the National Weather Service will check out their gauge and possibly work towards crowning a new state record, by almost 4 inches.

“That’s pretty neat,” says Marv, “But I just wish it didn’t happen here.”

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