Local State of Emergency Declared in Lake County

“This is the worst flooding that we’ve seen in a long time. Some people said 30 something years,” said Patrick Maddox, the Lake County Emergency Management Director.

A local state of emergency in Lake County.

The board of commissioners issued it just Monday morning.

“Due to the ongoing issues with the road issues and how it’s going to affect response times in the event of an emergency,” said Maddox.

Since Friday, the county road commission has dealt with flooded roads, failed culverts and bridges completely washed away.

“We’re trying to do the worst first obviously and we’re just kind of taking that approach at them,” said Steve Leonard, the Lake County Road Commission Manager.

The emergency manager says multiple different agencies have stepped up to help.

“It really speaks to the resiliency of the community when they can all come together,” said Maddox.

Including the American Red Cross.

“We need you to call if you have a problem because we may be missing some streets, they might be flooded. You can call 1-800 Red Cross and they’ll get the information to us,” said Carol Norwick, with the American Red Cross. “We have cleaning supplies. It’ll be brooms, dust pans. It comes in a kit.”

As the county works to clean up, they ask that you stay away from closed roads for your safety.

“Turn around, don’t drown. It may look ok, but we’re also getting information that some of these bridges have been compromised and if you go across them, they might give out on you,” said Norwick.

“If there’s signage up, avoid it don’t try to drive though. I caution against that. If you’re in an area where there’s heavy flooding, get away,” said Maddox.

The local state of emergency will last for seven days.