Hong Kong Protesters Demand Democracy, Throw Eggs & Spray Paint China’s Liaison Office

More unrest in Hong Kong is drawing harsh criticism from China after protesters threw eggs and spray painted a government office.

Demonstrators in Hong Kong, a former British colony, say they fear an erosion of rights and freedoms that were guaranteed when they became a semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

China responded to Sunday’s protest with a front-page commentary in the official People’s Daily newspaper that called the egg-throwing and spray painting “intolerable.”

Protesters targeted China’s liaison office in Hong Kong Sunday night after more than 100,000 people marched through the city to demand democracy. They also wanted an investigation into the use of force by police to disperse crowds at earlier protests against an unpopular plan to overhaul the territory’s extradition laws.

Hong Kong police had fired rubber bullets and tear gas during protests against the extradition bill.

If passed, the bill would have allowed people charged with crimes to be sent to mainland China to be tried, instead of being tried in Hong Kong.

China is criticized by several human rights organizations for its prosecution system. The World Report 2018 says human rights violations include “show trials,” forced confessions and torture.

After weeks of protests, the Hong Kong government declared the extradition bill “dead.”