California Cuisine is Hitting the Streets in Northern Michigan with Rad.ish Vegan Street Food

Californian Cuisine has made its way to Northern Michigan and into the Heritage House kitchen.

Rad.ish Vegan Street Food came in to cook for us live on ‘the four’ and brought us some amazing dishes.

They are a pop-up restaurant in Traverse City that is bringing Cali-Mex Vegan Street food to events across Northern Michigan.

They offer a rotational menu to mix things up and they love to utilize local farmers and businesses.

You can experience their food at a variety of events in Traverse City and are ready to move into a more permanent space soon.

The owners, Lisa and Ryan, fell in love with Northern Michigan in November of 2018 and quickly decided to pursue their dream right here in the mitten.

Ryan has been a chef for over 13 years and Lisa is the reason for the vegan menu as she has been following this lifestyle since she was 10-years-old.

We were lucky enough to have them make their TV debut with us on ‘the four’ and will be following up with them again.

For more information on Rad.ish, click here.

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