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Business in Focus: Well-Connect

Heating, air-conditioning, and overall home-energy is something we don’t think about until it’s gone and the price to have this luxury is daunting.

Well-connect in Alpena is helping Northern Michigan families and businesses get their installation done in just one day.

Michelle Dunaway was in Alpena with Well-Connect’s Tim Schultz to talk all about what they offer and how their systems work.

Well-Connect’s mission is to bring rural homeowners the greenest and most cost-effective heating and cooling system. They hope to make a meaningful and positive impact both economically and environmentally on rural communities.

They say that their system is so affordable and efficient that it pays for itself.

The net price of an installed Well-Connect can range from $6,000 to $9,000 after factoring in all available incentives for customers.

There are two available sizes and it depends entirely on the home’s current heating system configuration.

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