State Park Flooded By Rains in Manistee


Strong storms from Friday and Saturday left their mark on Northern Michigan and in Manistee.



There was more than a foot of standing water in parts of Orchard Beach State Park.

It flooded picnic areas and brought the water level up to the doors of RV’s and campers, leaving some people stuck.

It did not stop them from having fun.

One kid made the most of it out by riding his bike.

Angela Hoffman, a camper from Plainwell, said

“It was a mass exodus. Lots of people leaving. The water was up to the bottom of their campers.

Lots of cars flooded, tents floating, items floating. I mean look, it’s Mother Nature.  When you come camping and your next to a lake it’s kind of something you might expect that might happen.”

The state park told 9&10 News visitors at more than 20 sites left the campground.

The park itself says it only suffered minor damage.

Some of those who stayed saw the bright side and paddled on kayaks through the temporary lake.