Lake County Homes, Roads Flooded After Heavy Rainfall

Several roads are still closed in Lake County after Saturday night’s storm.

The National Weather Service says Northern Michigan got hit hard, and there may even have been record rain fall levels in Mason County.

Parts of Lake County saw up to 12 inches.

“I’ve lived here for a little over three years and it’s never been this bad,” says Lynn Kline, who lives in Baldwin.

The storm last night pushed water levels even higher. 9&10 News talked with one woman who has more than 19 inches of water in her front yard. Lynn Kline says the water came in fast.

“Flood waters came in about 10-10:30. I woke up this morning and my yard is over half way flooded,” she said.

And everything in her basement…

“It’s pretty much two feet from the top of the banister in the basement,” she said.

Is destroyed.

Lynn Kline says crews were outside her house for hours.

“They had DNR, they had police, they had even one of the road commission trucks scooping with a bucket out, and I don’t know how long they were out here, probably about 2 a.m.,” she said.

The director of emergency management says 12 homes took on water, but luckily no one was hurt.

“One person was evacuated to the shelter. So if anybody’s in need of a shelter, they can certainly reach out to the Pleasant Plains Township Fire Department,” emergency management director for Lake County, Patrick Maddox said.

And he wants to urge everyone to take road closures seriously.

“There has been people that went through and the car is basically stuck where it’s at and they can certainly be cited by law enforcement for not complying with those signs,” he said.

Stay with the Doppler 9&10 weather team as they keep you updated on these levels.

Below are the roads that are still closed:

James Road from 68th Street to 76th Street.

Forest Drive off of US 10.

Bray Creek Campground area.

8th Street- Fish Hatchery.

Hamilton Road from McPhall Drive to 5 Mile Rd.

Mac Road from 6 Mile Road to 7 Mile Road.

Merrillville Road from US 10 to W. Jerry Ave.

Merrillville Road from 40th to Betka Drive.

Broadway at 24th Street (Bridge wash out).