Cadillac AMVETS Throw Party to Celebrate Vietnam Vet Shot 50 Years Ago

“Today is the party in the park for Joe.”

A celebration planned for 10 years is really 50 years in the making.

Sunday a huge crowd came to the Cadillac Market to celebrate a local hero.

Joe Thompson of Cadillac was a school teacher when he signed up for the military in 1968.

While serving he was shot in the head and now can’t use one side of his body.

Thompson told the AMVETS post 110 in Cadillac, if he makes it to 50 years after he was shot, he wants to throw a party.

That’s what the group did for him Sunday.

Friends says he is a beloved member of the Cadillac community

“We cooked a whole pig and never dreamed that we’d eat the whole thing and we have. And there have been veterans, and veterans and veterans that have showed up to say hi to Joe because the whole community knows him,” says finance director for AMVETS Post 110 and friend, Bill Rezpka.

The AMVETS say they are so thrilled so many people came out to celebrate Joe Thompson.